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Sichuan Chanhen Chemical Corporation(hereinafter referred as Chanhen Corporation for short) is a private enterprise, specilized in mining phosphate rock and intensive processing of phosphoric resources, with headquarter located in Shifang City of Sichuan Province and its huge phos-rock resources located in Wengan County of Guizhou Province. Until now, the registered capital of Chanhen Corporation reachs CNY150 million yuan, total assets hit CNY1.2 billion yuan. Chanhen Corporation has several subsidiary organizations, including Guizhou Chuanheng Chemical Co., Ltd., Guizhou Fuman Phosphates Industry Company, Wengan Tianyi Mining industry Company, and so on. Thereinto, Sicuan Chanhen Chemical Corporation and Guizhou Chuanheng Chemical Co., Ltd. both are National High-tech Enterprises. Chanhen Corporation is committed to researching and developing in phosphates industry, and endeavors to expand its industry chain. Through developments of more than ten years, there has been over ten products covering the fileds of feed grade, fertilizer grade, industrial grade and food grade phosphates. The annual production capacity reachs 700,000 tons, and the production lines are flexible with several products. The sales revenue of 2011 is predicted to be CNY1.5 billion yuan. "CHANPHOS" brand feed grade phosphates are the basic products, its annual production capacity including MCP and MDCP is 500,000 tons. All production processes accord with the requirements of ISO9001:2008, HACCP and FAMI-QS. Thereinto, The scale and brand of the feed grade MCP is the first in Asia and World Famous, this product has been the first choice for the enterprises which produce aquatic feeds, and exported to many countries over the world, Chanhen Corporation is the only one which could export its MCP to the European Union. The market share of MCP has been 60% for five years in the domestic market. Chanhen Corporation has determined to manufacture the best MCP in the world, and hoped the MCP used for all animals could be the best cost performance one. Meanwhile, Chanhen Corporation is striving to develop the new and high efficiency fertilizer business, establishing the base of high-end phosphorus source fertilizer in China, and the business of water soluble fertilizer and its raw materials is the one of especial importance to develop. At present, the annual production capacity of high-quality water soluble fertilizer and its raw materials including MKP, MAP, UP, etc. reaches 200,000 tons. Chanhen Corporation tries her best to supply the top quality phosphorus sources to the agriculture in China, commits herself to the widely application of new and high efficiency water soluble fertilizer and the development in the intergration of water and fertilizer, strives to leap into the top ones of production and marketing of MKP in the world. Chanhen Corporation puts a heavy emphasis on food safety, strives to produce water soluble fertilizer which is up to the food grade standard, even could be ate, and become the exploiter of high efficiency green fertilizer. Chanhen Corporation pays attention to the development of industrial and food grade phosphates, produces products of excellent quality and reasonable price with energy-efficient technology. Presently, the annual production capacity of industrial and food grade MKP, STPP, MAP already reaches 100,000 tons. Thereinto, the production capacity of MKP is the maximum in Asia, MAP which used for extinguisher as a raw material is the first choice for fire control industrial with is superior cost performance. In the future, Chanhen Corporation will concentrate on building the core competitiveness of resource&technology&brand, specilizing in mining phosphate rock and intensive processing of phosphoric resource, focusing on the central task of cyclic economy, energetically developing low-carbon phosphorus chemical industry and expanding its industry chain.